Raffaela Mariniello

“My window on the world is represented by this image I shot on a business trip in the Ivory Coast, Africa. During the lockdown, I looked at my window and thought of my happy moments, therefore also my travels: better to seek shelter in the oasis of memory and turn to practice – a symbol of freedom and movement – and to traveling by mentally retracing recent or past experiences.
The largest open-air laundry in Africa is located in Abidjan, it is always open since the process takes place manually on a fee. The service takes place on the river banks. The scene I photographed shows what I experienced next to the river: the second phase of the laundry, the drying of the clothes. In the African heat, there were hundreds of pants, shirts, underwear, shirts and sheets drying under the sun, on the grass. In the center of the colorful garments, men were checking if everything was ready to be folded and consigned”.

Courtesythe artistLinkwww.raffaelamariniello.it