Massimo Siragusa

The dramatic reality we are experiencing these days has made a profound change in the lives of all of us. We had to give up our daily habits, sociality, our own visual horizon. The perimeter of a window has become the extreme limit beyond which we can no longer go. It defines the boundary between a protective, almost reassuring, and a hostile and dangerous beyond. But the window is, in the obsession with the hours spent inside our four walls, also the only moment of contact with the outside. The point from which to ideally start to go in search of the sky, the gaze of our neighbor, that only passerby who still lingers carelessly on the street. In the night of an empty, unreal, almost enemy city, the windows become like dazzling lights, witnesses of closeness and life. It is not easy to accept this new “normality” with which we have to deal with for some time, even if I believe that the experience we are living is also an extraordinary opportunity to reflect on our personal and communal life. If at the end of this period we manage to change some of the priorities we had, opening up to principles of greater equity and solidarity, our sacrifice today will not have been in vain.