Margaret Pont

Hello from Margaret Pont, Australia. I mostly work in clay as it offers tactility and expression of form in three dimensions. All art holds a restorative possibility to our flawed world and can act as a type of votive offering. At present I am working on the face of a faun, that elusive, mischievous character who tempts us towards the bacchanalian.
I am an Italophile, soul-seeker on a fascinating and sometimes frightening journey into the realms of mystery. During this period of exile from my previous life, a still condition has been born. It provides an opportunity to make the interior journey towards the soulful. The artists’ eye continues to look out but now even more deeply. There is gratitude for the the warmth of the sun, the colour of an autumn leaf. A connectedness with the oneness of nature slowly and quietly reveals itself. To take this new awareness on returning to post virus existence is hopefully to be humbled and also changed. We experience a little of what the desert hermits were seeking. The poetic words of the 16th century mystic St John of the Cross give an indication.
“I was sad one day and went for a walk;
I sat in a field
A rabbit noticed my condition and came near.”