Johanna Beasley

Hello, my name is Johanna Beasley and I have been living in Fiji for 20 years.
I am now living in Nadi, having retired from the University of the South Pacific in Suva, Fiji. My view from my studio is amazing as I live on an elevated hill and have lush tropical vistas on all sides.
I did make two works in response to the bushfires in Australia but the virus seemed to eclipse this initial disaster.
My recent work has been a response to the current situation. Thus a Virus inspired work with a coconut grimacing on a traditional mat with the virus image as a backing. The next piece with Trump as the statue of liberty juggling balls symbolising the lives he is risking.
As an artist I am used to isolation and in some ways it really has made very little difference.
I have missed my outings to hunt and gather and look for objects to incorporate into my work. Access to friends and freedom.
I also have realised how fortunate I am and how precious life is. How we need to look after each other and the take care of our shared world.
Also the importance of the arts… music… books and visual stimulation. My garden which is a daily meditation.