Jennifer Karch Verzè

Hello from Jennifer Karch Verzè, I am from Canada but I’ve been living in Italy for a long time. I am the curator of several Imago Mundi collections.
In these days of lockdown I’ve been working on cataloguing all my art journals, diaries, travel diaries, sketchbooks and agendas that collect and document my thoughts, ideas, poems, development of my artworks, museums I’ve been to, artworks I’ve seen, studios of artists, travel places etc. When I finished after a month of cataloging in a program in my computer, I had 72 books!

I live in Valpolicella, (in the region Veneto, in North-Eastern Italy), so in the first day we were allowed to go outside for more than 200 m near home, I went for a walk with my puppy Shi tzu Amber in the vineyards near my house. Spring is blooming, sun is shining, flowers are at their best!