Jarik Jongman

Hello, my name is Jarik Jongman from Amsterdam and I am one of the selected artists for “When the Globe is Home”. We are living in unifying, potentially revolutionary times but I fear that it will simply end up being a case of ‘everything must change for things to remain the same’.
I have recently been making work relating to politics and surveillance capitalism and I feel it suits these times nicely with the population withdrawing online and governments deploying monitoring apps.
In these images you can see my studio; a view from my window near the coast. Flags are out for King’s Day but the nationwide street party was cancelled of course; work in progess ‘the game’ (two men playing chess on a dilapidated film set); my study room; my work ‘I have the right to be forgotten’
150 x 150 cm. Oil on canvas. 2019