Guido Harari

“Grim/city. I had in mind the images of Michael Wolf and his oriental “grim/cities” when I photographed this building. I was attracted, and at the same time heartbroken, by the inhumanity of the claustrophobic lattice of windows and spaces, wondering to what extent living in such a building could change the psychological state of its tenants. Then, the experience of a few months of lockdown suggested a more harsh reading.
While the quarantine miraculously opened and freed interior spaces – the “inside-window” – the pandemic and its physical restrictions turned us into ghosts of ourselves. I rethought about that building and the desolate modernism of its architecture. It seemed to sanction the absolute irrelevance of dreams, ideals, even words. This was the skeleton of a vanished humanity, a grid of blindness. A perfect portrait of nothing.”