Ghizlane Sahli

My name is Ghizlane Sahli. I’m a visual artist half Μoroccan, half Spanish. I live in Marrakech. I make embroideries on waste, mostly silk on plastic bottles. I have 4 children. Two of them are studying in Europe. When Morocco decided suddenly to close its frontier, I panicked and my only goal was to make my daughters come back to Morocco. It wasn’t that easy, but we made it! And that’s the most important for me, we were all stuck at home but together!!!
I decided to start working again with what I had at home. I really enjoy drawing. It is like a meditation for me. Many times I repeat the same gesture, the same pattern. It becomes like a mantra. I also love making embroideries on my drawings. It has something sacred. The hole, the needle makes into the paper. The thread that goes into the paper. It’s like connecting two different entities and making them become One..