Fabio Cuttica

Amalia (4 years) while playing, looks towards the park near the house through our window in Bogotá. “Since the beginning of this long quarantine, I decided to photograph and create a small diary about my family, (my partner Diana, our daughter Amalia and our four-legged companion Rocco) trying to tell how each one of us, in our small house, experiences this unique, unexpected and hopefully unrepeatable moment. Once again photography was my “travel” companion, the means to be able to tell and rediscover our, apparently small but significant world, an imaginary window through which you can observe, without being too noticed, the rapid growth and infinite emotions of my daughter, our new daily life, our fears towards the present that certainly forces us to rethink our near future in a different way”. Bogota, Colombia, April 27, 2020.

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