Émilie Régnier

My body carries in itself centuries of history of abuses and misrepresentations, I have felt more than once imprisoned within a too tight skin. Racism isn’t only physical violence, it’s all the microaggressions you experience daily because you were born in a color body. It’s all the time you don’t dare enter a public space such as a restaurant or a bar, because you know people will look at you, and you will feel the need to justify your presence and show that you have the means to be there.
This is one example among millions, racism isn’t only what the other has made you feel, is how you feel about yourselves, it’s the behaviors you developed, and the fear you carry when you are in a group. It’s the look someone gave you, but also how you interpret this look, it’s thousands of wounds that find refuge in your body, and it’s the billions of times you wonder if it was because of your color, that you didn’t get this apt or this job, or that you don’t fit in a social group.

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