Bénédicte Kurzen

“As the sun becomes red, blue and yellow, my eyes look inside and outside. The roads have consumed me and I consumed them. There hasn’t ever been any status quo, yet the horizon has the same light that penetrated me for so long somewhere else. This horizon has hundreds of names and hundreds of faces, all unique, all distinctive and they are all immortalised and alive. I remember them all and they are all my permanent present, the roots and the reasons for a transformation.
This horizon is the extension of my gaze, and my gaze is an extension of my love, as it always was. This horizon never stops being an infinite space to plod: understand, dismantle, decolonize, rewire, reframe, subvert, ask for forgiveness, repair, activate. This horizon as an ocean of reflections is calling for actions and it can’t be stopped anymore”. June 2020.

Courtesythe artist and Noor ImagesLinkwww.noorimages.com