Aman Mojadidi

Hello, I’m Aman Mojadidi, an Afghan-American father and conceptual artist who is always trying to create work, and raise a daughter, in ways that are beyond the ‘norm,’ that challenge stereotypes, and plant a different way of thinking. I am based in Paris, please enjoy the view from my window and of a corner of my atelier, with bike, where my daughter and I fight over space.
Confinement has been a strange and amazing time of reflection and creativity that I believe can lead to a paradigm shift, not only in how we understand ourselves, but each other, and the world we live in. From confinement, I continued working on my mixed-media collages for an upcoming exhibition in Germany (enjoy a detail of the collage!), remotely support artists in Afghanistan with their projects, was cooking a lot and collecting the recipes into a collection I call Veganizing the Virus, and was home-schooling my daughter while she and I also co-write a children’s story about Covid the Carnivore.