Almyra Weigel

My name is Almyra Weigel, I’m from Lithuania, currently live and work in Berlin. I work in fields of experimental textiles, objects, installations and interdisciplinary art.
Before the quarantine started, I created a new installation in my studio and was already prepared to invite visitors. Unfortunately, I had to wait a lot of time, but now I am pleased to finally welcome them.

At this moment I’m preparing for a new exhibition, which should open on June 4th. I hope that I will be able to exhibit my works at the gallery, though it will be viewed digitally. I am creating two installations from cut out books on war subject and weave a small object – a protective face mask – from wartime surgical sutures.
At the end of the quarantine, I want to hold a celebration – invite my friends and art lovers to my installation at the studio and celebrate this meeting in real space.