Put your foot in it!

With Beya Gille Gacha

Free creative workshops held by artist Beya Gille Gacha, open to a maximum of 15 participants, aged 15 to 20.
The workshop consists of 4 lessons of 40 minutes each, and will be held live on Zoom.
The workshop will be in English and will start in late November 2020.

Write to gabriele.riva@imagomundiart.com for more information or sign up here.

Beya Gille Gacha, «Orant #5», 2019 / Gallerie delle Prigioni, Treviso

Creating a conceptual artistic work starting from the reproduction of body parts.

What is a foot?
This part of the body is often neglected and, yet, it is our duty to do it justice especially in these times of confinement, during which we have been forced to no longer move and walk freely.

Indeed, the foot is that part of our body that carries us, allows us to run, dance, flee, jump, travel, stand. Feet are fundamental for our balance and our ability to follow (or not) the march of the world.

This workshop reimagines and “honors” this part of our body, first by first carrying out a symbolic research on what is the foot in history and in different cultures, then creating, together, a plaster

reproduction of our own foot and finally producing a personal and poetic reflection about one’s own foot (and therefore by extension, one’s own person) through an artistic decoration.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to present her/his work and to talk about the creative steps taken to realize it.


Day 1: The artist introduces herself and her work, and she introduces the project to be realized during the Workshop. Participants can ask questions live.

Days 2 and 3: Implementation of the project step by step following the live instructions of a facilitator from the team of Gallerie delle Prigioni:

Day 4: Presentation of the works to the artist and discussion.

November 30th, December 3rd, 9th and 11th


  • Bandages cast (mask)
  • Plaster reproduction (plaster mold/print) – not obligatory –
  • Free technique decoration

(links are for reference only)

Vaseline (1 tube: 50 gr) – You can easily find it in any pharmacy:

Bandages cast (3 rolls: 10 cm x 3 m each) – You can easily find it in internet:

Quick-setting plaster (2 kg) – You can easily find it in any ironmonger:

Materials for artistic technique chosen by the participant (suitable for plaster surface) – eg. acrylic paints or spray, coloured papers and glue etc.)

Beya Gille Gacha

Beya Gille Gacha (1990, Paris) is an artist of Cameroonian descent who lives and works in Paris. She creates sculptures and three-dimensional installations, but has also worked with photography and video.

Her work centers around questions of identity and more generally, society. Following a trip to Cameroon and her motherland, the Grassland region, she discovered the Bamileke beadwork and started producing beaded sculptures inspired by this technique, while mixing references to African classicism and Western art.

Facebook: gg.beya
Instagram: @beyagillegacha